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Unity Addressables Course

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About This Course

Addressable Assets is a Unity package that will immensely help you manage the asset life-cycle in your game.

The term asset management might sound a bit too abstract for many game developers. So let's make it more specific.

Asset management is about the way you organize, store and load your content.

  • Organizing assets : where do you put your assets in the project? Under Resources , StreamingAssets or elsewhere?
  • Storing assets : where will they be stored? As standalone files? Within a compressed asset bundle? Or maybe in a remote server so you can offer DLCs ?
  • Loading assets : will they be loaded from disk, from a FTP server or from HTTP ? When will that asset's memory be allocated and/or released?

A proper asset management strategy is crucial to get your game out there.

You have two options: you  can decide not to implement any asset management strategy and suffer the penalties of doing so.  Or you can adopt smart strategies early on to benefit from substantial benefits.

As we will see, not implementing any asset management strategy means you're already adopting one . Just a poor one.

The idea is to leverage Unity's Addressables power to spend very little time on asset management and focus instead on developing your game.

Once you board the ship of Addressables, the complex asset management mechanics will get out of your way. Addressables will operate almost invisibly for you . You'll ship a better game with a fraction of the headaches.

In this course, we'll stick to the strategies that will give you the biggest life-lasting benefits.

Course Structure

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3 Chapters

A Quick Dive into Addressables

What is Addressables and what can it do for you and your game?

Let's secure our first wins quickly.

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4 Chapters

Fine-Tuning Your Game

We got the basics running in your game.

Now, I'll help you making sure your game is running as well as you think it is.

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3 Chapters


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