Unity Addressables

Unity Addressables Course

4 Modules 17 Chapters 58 Lessons Intermediate

About This Course

Let me welcome you to Addressables for the Busy Developer .

I’m truly glad to have you here.

With this course, you’ll greatly step up the way you make games with Unity. You’ll learn to solve a specific set of problems that costs millions of dollars to big studios.

All the wisdom I’m offering you is based on challenges I effectively solved in many AA/AAA projects. Most of the issues I faced yesterday are those that you will face tomorrow.

Yes, we’ll solve real-life problems . You’ll be ready to crush them for good.

You can find the github repository with some of the course scripts here .

Feel free to discuss each of the lessons where you might have trouble with. I’ll keep an eye on you.

Again, welcome. I am truly convinced this course will help you immensely in the long term.

Course Structure

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3 Chapters

A Quick Dive into Addressables

What is Addressables and what can it do for you and your game?

Let's secure our first wins quickly.

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4 Chapters

Fine-Tuning Your Game

We got the basics running in your game.

Now, I'll help you making sure your game is running as well as you think it is.

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3 Chapters


Here's the place to look for goodies that I promised the community.